Don’t Wait Until January 1

I am writing this on January 3 and according to my notes, I wanted to have this written on or around December 19th.

It is the year 2023 and I gave up on resolutions so many years ago. For a long time, I used my birthday as a mark of time to start to work on any changes I wanted to make to myself. Then last year it hit me – why wait for a specific date or time to start becoming the person you want to become.

Start now.

Start tomorrow.

Start this weekend.

Just start.

But don’t wait for a magical date on a calendar.

Summer of 2022 I read a book that changed my life (very dramatic here) in regard to diet and exercise. I did not hesitate to start making the changes I wanted to make the very next day.

At some point in December, I discovered Notion and I became obsessed. I knew I wanted to take that system with me into the new year… and I spent weeks determined to get the hang of it. And as of this writing, I have a pretty good BASIC handle on it. 🤩 I’ve even been using it.

Since we are at the beginning of a calendar year, it is not bad to do a “reset”. There are some things I’d like to work on in the coming months:

  • read 12 books.
  • focus on strength training.
  • write consistently.
  • take more videos in addition to photos.
  • intentional/less social media usage.
  • #photoaday project (in Day One journal).
  • no challenges, of any kind.

I am sure this list will grow and change as the year continues. But it is okay. That is called being human. I am looking forward to it. I have already done so many things I did not think I was capable of doing. Things I never would have imagined I would be interested in.

So even though I waited until the official start of the new year to write this. Don’t wait. Don’t wait to become a better version of yourself. Start now. You never know what might happen.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

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