100 Days of Journaling


Let the record show, it is 630ish in the AM and I am ONE, actually typing this on my laptop. But most importantly, I HIT 100 DAYS OF JOURNALING. Like I have a 100-day streak with the app/service Day One.

Journaling has always been a habit I have wanted to build. I understand the mental health aspects of it and the necessary writing skill that it involves. But it is something I could never quite get the hang of. I can’t really tell you why other than maybe I just never really made it a priority. But with this app – which I technically purchased last year and even then couldn’t get into – it’s become so easy.

Social Media is for the birds. But there are still photos, events, and conversations that I want to document… so I open up my journaling app, and boom. I can even dive deeper into my thoughts because it’s not going anywhere. Listen, I am aware this is not a new concept but having somewhere digital to put this stuff, that is on my phone and relatively private… it’s just so much easier. And I am so proud of myself for it.

For the days that are like Groundhogs day and nothing of note happens, they have daily prompts, and they have templates. One is a 5PM Note where you basically reflect on your day in five minutes. You can create templates too so if you know you want to keep track of a certain thing a certain way, boom.

I know I am bragging on this app but I am in no way shape or form sponsored or getting paid for this braggy post. It’s just a genius app that I love. And because I have been able to make something that was really hard for me a habit I know there are other things I find difficult that I could make other things a habit. It is all about finding a way that works for you.

What’s a habit that you struggle with? Do you journal? If so, are you old-school pen and paper or are you digital?

Until tomorrow…

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