Hello NaBloPoMo + NaNoWriMo

It is National Blog Posting Month and National Novel Writing Month. 🤓

Idk what it is about this time of the year but I’m overcome with the need to write and the need to run away from social media. But I always seem to forget about these events until halfway through the month, or even the end.

BUT I CAUGHT IT THIS YEAR! 😆 And it’s my first year truly participating in both.

I’ve always shied away from a blog post a day type of events because I felt like all the posts needed to be deep thoughts and opinions. Until I saw someone say… it doesn’t. It could be just a picture or a short entry. Like, I knew that but I didn’t. Hearing it definitely put things in perspective. (And guess what, I’m writing this up on my cellphone in bed – no excuses)

While I have no intention of WRITING A NOVEL IN A MONTH I would like to refocus on my writing project I started earlier this year.

To celebrate these writing ventures I decided to purchase an actual desk, instead of using my daughter’s old crafting table.

My $30 desk from Amazon!

Until tomorrow… ✌🏾

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