70-Week Streak

And just like that – I have hit a 70-week streak!

I am typing this as I just completed a 45-minute PZ (powerzone) ride in week 5 of the Rock ‘N’ Zones PZP challenge. My third PZP challenge.

I remember seeing posts about Power Zone rides and doing the Discover Your PZ program through Peloton; thinking that the rides are really boring and redundant. And they are. But the results are real. My FTP has gone up at least 10% every time I have tested. And even more wild, I RAN! And no, despite what I always say about running – nothing was chasing me.

I was minding my own business, doing a 60-minute walk/run (trying to reach the “running” challenge badge for the month) and for some reason during the running parts I wanted to run. And I ran. My daughter will clarify that I actually jogged but the point is that I was moving faster than a walk. Something I never wanted to do before or even though I was capable of – running for two minutes straight, yeah okay. But I did! Once I realized I was not going to die immediately afterward, I wanted to do more. WTF is going on.

I can only attribute that/this to PZ. That is also the biggest change since hitting my 52-week streak 18 weeks ago.

It sounds so cliche and corny but Peloton really has changed my life and I have only really realized it during these last few days while I was reflecting for this post.

While on my ride recently Matt Wilpers said something that stuck with me. He was talking about athletes and how training for fitness is really training for life.

These intervals are coming whether you want it or not.

Matt Wilpers, 45-minute PZ, 9/25/21

And then during a stretch, the infamous Robin Arzon added her sugar.

Movement is medicine.

Robin Arzon

Life is going to happen, whether you’re ready for you it or not. That being said it is your job to prepare for it as much as you can – similar to those zone 5 intervals we have been working towards these last five weeks. They came, they were hard, but we were ready for them.

And thanks to Peloton, I no longer feel like I need medicine. Making the time to move my body almost every day has really done something not only physically, but mentally. And for those days I can’t find the time to move, I make sure to settle my mind with meditation.

As a woman, a wife, a mother… we tend to put ourselves second, third, or even further down the to-do list so carving out the time to move is so important. Not just for us, but for the people in our lives.

70-weeks also has bought visually planning out my workouts for the week.

I remember seeing someone on IG do something like this and thought well that’s a bit extra; how do you know what you’re going to want to do on Thursday on Sunday. *insert foot in mouth*

Seeing my week planned out makes it so much easier to make my stacks the night before. And seeing it written on makes it easier to avoid – like when I put it in my google calendar. (I’d ignore that shit like the dog’s needing a bath) I also put any out-of-the-ordinary events on there so if I have to make changes any given day I can see how easy or difficult it will be.

At 70-weeks it’s all an almost non-thought. I know I can make the time and effort A T L E A S T once a week. February was hard because there was a lot of volleyball for my daughter, but even if I only had two days to really dedicate to working out, I did. Car rides to tournaments now almost always include a meditation.

At this point, a lot of weeks it is about the habit I have formed and not necessarily the motivation. There is not a lot of motivation most days; I love my warm bed and I would much rather binge something on Netflix on the weekend than spend upwards of an hour and a half working out. But I have learned to make it a priority and to balance it. I almost always feel better after I have left everything on the bike, mat, or (non-Peloton) tread. Here’s to many more weeks…


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