What tiny tail movements is About

The problem that I have always had with having an “online presence” is that the infamous THEY say to focus on one thing – a niche. And if you are not, will not, or cannot do that you “should have” a lifestyle blog.

None of that works for me!

I have always been a private person. The older I get the more private and reserved I become. Except for the things that excite me. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is not just one thing that makes me geek out. As humans, we are not one-dimensional. We all have so many interests.

Once upon a time, I was big into nail design. Then it was reading and books. My latest obsession is Peloton. Currently, I have a novel idea bouncing around in my head that needs out.

As I write this the urge to just delete everything I have everywhere and start fresh because I want channels that represent all facets of my public persona. Because that is what I have done in the past. For as long as I can remember I’ve had so many email accounts, blogs, social media accounts… always wanting something that felt truly represented me.

I’m done running. I’m done starting over. I am ready to branch out and make one account cover everything I am interested in. That’s what tiny tail movements is really about.

I am excited to see what this turns into. I can’t wait to see what it looks like to blend mental and physical exercises. It will be interesting to become a space I would like to visit and read.


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