38 Cycles Around the Sun.


Is anybody out there?

No, probably not because the last time I posted was at the beginning of the new year. I get super motivated and gung ho and then… life. Excuses. Doubt. Life.

As usual, I have just not made the time that I know I needed. I have also felt very uninspired to use this space. A blank screen is hard.

As I complete my 38th circle around the sun I am reflecting on the “goals” I made just three months ago. The only thing I can say I have stuck to is my reading. This is exactly why I do not make new years goals or resolutions. I believe more in making goals around birthdays. That is the start of YOUR new year.

I don’t know what I was thinking three months ago. All of the things I said I wanted to do sounded really good but they are not realistic for me.

For some reason, I put a lot of weight into turning 40 which now is only two years away. I wish I could tell you why. Maybe because I have felt like a 40-year-old woman since having my first child at 21. Whatever the reason, I have plans for the next two years. Things I want to achieve. Things that I do not need to share with anyone. Life is just too short for anything else or anything less. For my entire adult life I have put everyone else and their feelings first. It is time to start really investing in myself. There have been too many “once in a lifetime” historical events I have lived through for anything else.


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