A Real-life Catfish Story That Worked Out

Every year I make the “resolution” to take more photos with my husband. We met and dated at a time when photos were not that easy to obtain. Cellphones barely existed and today’s version of social media did not exist. If you are old enough you remember the days before wifi, also known as dial-up… that is the generation in which we met. 20 years later, here we are somehow.

I catfished my husband.

That fact used to embarrass me, but it is just part of our story. It proves that crazy things can happen and still work out.

It seems like something very difficult to do today. With readily available access to anyone at any time of the day. We all have tiny computers in our pockets; computers that are always connected o the internet. If you meet anyone online that says they can’t video chat with you to prove their existence… RUN.

Catfishing seems like a light term. I lied to him. Flat out lied. The only thing that was true in our initial conversation was my name and eventually my photos. My husband is five years older than I am. He was a legal adult when I met him online. I was a child. I was my children’s current age. I told my husband I was 18 and I was a student at a local college. This was something my BFF and I would do. There were never any plans to continue to talk to these people (guys) after our afternoon on the internet. Except, we kept talking.

Eventually, I came clean.

We met in person.

We dated other people, hung out, and became friends.

2021 brings 15 years of marriage to the guy I catfished on AOL. And 20 years later we have just as many photos together as we did back then. Here’s to taking more photos…


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