#3for31 & 24 Days of Hustle

Fitness challenges… can we talk about them for a second.

Before discovering the Peloton community I was absolute trash at fitness challenges. I’m still not that great at them but I am getting there. I show more often than not these days; these challenges are accountability. Even if it is only for myself; this blog and my IG account.

My one-year peloversary is coming up. At first I just kind of picked random classes here and there; trying to combine strength and cycle classes. I did… okay. Sometime in the Spring I finally looked into the #hardCORE On The Floor (HCOTF) group on FB. Finding that group, and that schedule was a God send. The creator, and moderator, Nicole really has taken the guess work out of working out with the calendar. šŸ™šŸ¾ Plus it is a group for working out, not necessarily dieting.

When I decided I was all in and invested in the actual Peloton bike the first thing I looked into was PowerZone classes. Those were the only classes I really couldn’t take with my Poorloton.

First it was the Discover Your Powerzones (DYPZ) program, through Peloton. It was so incredibly boring. But, it held me accountable. Even though I completed the program I did not feel like I got what was so great about these classes. I was already a part of the Power Zone Pack (PZP), mostly just an onlooker because I really had no idea what was going on until I finished the DYPZ program and the Fall mini challenge. Then I joined the eight-week Fall challenge. Eight weeks, it seemed so far and long until it was suddenly over. Fitting in two 45-minute and one 60-minute ride, plus another 30 minute ride/bootcamp of your choice was not always easy. Some weeks I was only able to get one or two of the rides in. Other weeks I smashed it and got all four landing platinum level for the week. It is definitely a challenge I will continue – the numbers don’t lie. As I wait for the next PZP, which does not start until January I was planning on just sticking with the HCOTF calendar. Then Stay Home Stay Motivated (SHSM) announced a 24 Days of Hustle challenge. Cool, signed up for that. A few days ago Robin Arzon announced she would be running three miles a day for the next 31 days (the month of December), and asked the Peloton community to join her. For those of us that are not runners the option is to workout 30-minutes a day, for the month of December. So, here I go… Day one completed, plus day one of 24 Days of Hustle challenge – 25 crunches. ā˜‘ļø

I’m not sure what has gotten into me. I believe in actual rest days. 31 days is a lot of days in a row to be working out. This will probably be the hardest thing challenge for me. Making that kind of time, literally every day. Come January 1 I am going to be exhausted. But, I am looking forward to the challenge. I’ll let you know in the new year how it went, wish me luck…


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